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Our Mission

Congregation Shirat Hayam is an inclusive, open-minded, and friendly congregation offering rich spiritual, educational, and social opportunities to a diverse Jewish community. We are grounded in and observant of tradition, guiding our young and learning from our elders, dedicated to creating and maintaining an open, dynamic, spiritual, and participatory membership.

Our diverse community welcomes all types of families and anyone wanting to explore Jewish identity and rituals. We are dedicated to creating a caring and inclusive community, and to enhancing Jewish practice and learning in the lives of our members.

We are committed to preserving and passing on our Jewish culture and providing an exciting and meaningful education experience for all ages. We value and encourage education and life-long learning as being fundamental to Jewish life.

Our religious school provides Hebrew language training, religious instruction, and holiday celebration, providing complete and engaging Jewish education. We do this so that our children may grow up having been exposed to the full richness of their Jewish religion and culture, and are able to pass their knowledge on to future generations.

Our congregation is founded on Reconstructionist based decision-making, and has grown due to the creative and spiritual contributions of our members. We encourage everyone to take an active role in some aspect of our congregational life, acknowledging that every member's voice is equal and important.

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