The Shirat Hayam Religious School seeks to develop a deep, sacred, creative, and joyous connection with Judaism among all who are involved in the Religious School program.

In accordance with the educational goals of the Reconstructionist movement, we seek to create a learning community that celebrates our children and our heritage. We strive to build lives of spiritual purpose that embody Jewish values, including:

 Tikkun Olam – making the world better, kinder, and more just

 Hiddur Mitzvah – developing an appreciation for culture and aesthetics in all we do

 Keduchah – an ability to recognize and honor the holiness in all of creation

 Mentschlikeit – being a good person

 Tzionut – connection with Israel

 Family participation will enrich the education by continuing the process at home, and by building a community of demonstrated commitment.

Students and teachers will creatively interact with the material so that the lessons will be accessible, relevant, meaningful, challenging, and engaging. As a result, participants will embrace their Jewish identity while observing and practicing Jewish traditions and customs.


❍  For our families to be literate in Judaism.

❍  For our families to recognize and embrace the Jewish people’s experience with God and the Torah.

❍  To build a strong sense of community which includes commitment to Judaism.

❍  To help our children develop a deep and positive Jewish identity.

❍  To teach our children to honor and respect diversity and to be proud of being Jewish.

❍  To integrate school activities with the congregation as a whole and with family life.

❍  To expand the Religious School program to provide long term involvement of B’Nai Mitzvah students after their B’Nai Mitzvah ceremonies.

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